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About Me


Welcome! I am an astronomer and planetary scientist at Caltech. Like most astronomers, I love space! I also really enjoy science fiction, and other stories and art inspired by our incredible universe. 

I am originally from Canada, and did my undergraduate in Physics at McMaster University in Ontario. I dabbled in materials science and lithium ion battery research before switching to astronomy as a summer student in my junior year, where I worked under Ralph Pudritz modelling the interiors of small planets. 

Since starting at Caltech, I have focused on understanding what the composition and structure of planetary atmospheres tells us about their formation history. How do giant planets appear at such extreme orbits?  What can we learn about their formation by characterizing their atmospheres? These are just a couple of the questions that motivate my PhD work!

Growing up on the east coast of Canada near so much pristine wilderness and beautiful dark night skies, it is not surprising I love both astronomy, and the outdoors. Outside of research, I love hiking, camping, reading, and drawing. I also have an adorable kitten named Pleiades who likes to make guest appearances on Zoom calls!

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